Massage Therapist - LMBT#8905

~ Your Body Will Feel the Difference ~

How Does Massage Help?

Our body works as a system. When everything is in balance, there is no pain and we feel happy. Imagine the joints of our body as circles and muscles as arrows, in a body matrix. All bones follow the muscles. A pair of muscles usually works together: if one contracts another one stretches, moving the body in different directions. The nervous system controls everything in our body and protects us.


Stress, bad posture, and injuries bring the body out of balance when the nervous system locks muscle contracted (red arrows) making it’s pair overstretched (blue arrows). This overstretched muscle pulls the next pair because our body as a System always tries to compensate. But since imbalance occurs, more and more muscles get involved and finally we start first feeling discomfort, and later pain in the different parts of our body where our muscles are more involved in this chain. Muscle spasms can occur by the end and we have to rest at least a week to feel relief. In later conditions your doctor even can offer you a surgery.

The best way to solve the problem is to get massage in the early stages. First the nervous system has to be relaxed, then all the knots have to be broken, and muscle balance has to be brought back into the body. It does not matter where the pain is, it just means that your body matrix started changing. That's why sometimes the treatment of painful area looks like it does not help. You can treat your heel pain and see your podiatrist every week, spend money and time but it can never help because the main problem can be in your hip joint. It can take a different period of time depending on the problem and your body response to fix it. But if you get massage in regular basis, it will be much easy to avoid bigger problems.

Massage has been a major part of medicine for thousand years when there were no doctors and pills. Massage therapy helps to relief muscular tension and pain related to it. It relaxes the nervous system, nourishes the body by improving circulation. Visit Body Tuning Massage Studio and your body will feel the difference.